The Chamber

About Us:

As the unified voice of the business community, the Redford Township Chamber of Commerce works to sustain and grow business in our community.  The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business organization run by its members for its members.  When you join, you become part of the leadership creating a productive climate for doing business in Redford.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Redford Chamber of Commerce is to support, promote and protect commercial, professional, financial and general business interest of Redford Township.

Meet the Board of Directors:


the chamber board member the chamber board member the chamber board member Kathy Raymor the chamber board member
Leo Snage Denise Coklow Carey Dowdy Kathy Raymor Ed Nelson
President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Past President
Term: 2016-2018 Term: 2014-2019 Term: 2016-2018 Term: 2016-2018 Term: 2015-2017


the chamber board member the chamber board member Brian Galdes
Bruce Bovee Kris Chernavage Brian Galdes
Director Director Director
Term: 2014-2019 Term: 2015-2017 Term: 2016-2018


Laura Saches  Brian Taylor Candice Towers
Laura Saches Brian Taylor Candice Towers
Director Director Director
Term: 2015-2017 Term: 2015-2017 Term: 2016-2019


Meet the Chamber Staff:


Marti 01  headshot
Marti Swek Cathy Wilber
Executive Director Administrative Assistant



Our Major Sponsors

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